Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Some say....
...I fixated at the anal retentive stage...some say that Monica Gellar and I were seperated at birth...some say that if I stare at my cds long enough, they put themselves into alphabetical order...all I know is that I am 'The Stig' of organising!!
For those of you out there who watch
Top Gear youl'll catch my drift...
Anyone who knows me knows my love of lists, to-dos and all things logical. They also know that my towels are folded into threes and are always straight and I admit that I also fold my undies into threes and store them in my drawer in colour order, as I do with my clothes in the wardrobe (the colour thing, not the folding!!).
So I guess it would come as a bit of a surprise that when it comes to my stitching and knitting, I'm very much the opposite. I go with the flow and fly by the seat of my pants. Now this could be a bit of a 'hair letting down' thing, but I have set the cogs working and got my grey matter working on overtime lately and I've decided that I need to organise this part of my life too.

The the first week of the month I will knit in something that I have already started. So for example, this week I am finishing a baby cardigan that I started 2 years ago and will give it to a friend at work who has just had a little girl. I have done the sleeves on dpns as they are drop shoulders with no shaping. HOWEVER, I cast off the first one and saw that I had made a mistake in the 4 row pattern repeat and being the perfectionist I am, I'm unpicking it...not easy on dpns!

In the second week I will stitch on a WIP
In the third week I can stitch on something new, and then keep that as the third week project.
In the fourth week, anything goes be it knitting, WIPing or stitching the focus. plan is now set in action.

I have also extended this organising to how I use my shower gels and bath stuff. I have tons and I mean tons but like my stitching, I get some new pretty stuff and start to use that without finishing the older stuff. Result? Cupboards full of bath stuff. So, first up is a winter spice gel, body lotion and body sprayand I intend to use them all up before I move onto the next stuff.

Well that's it for now...I like these plans, they are me to a tee and I just know I'll be successful...oh the joy of being anal!!!!!