Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Rotation Round-up...and a little S.E.X...
Hopefully, this will become a four weekly regular unless I get really excited over something in the middle of the rotation that I can't wait to show you!
Week one as some of you will know, saw the completion of the baby cardigan that had been languishing in the bottom of a bag for a couple of years. It also saw me pick up my Violet Green Entrelac Socks.
Week two saw me move onto stitching a wip and I made good progress on my Rabbit Run Sampler.
Week three was the Anything Goes week so I decided to finish my VG socks and boy do I lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve them! I like everything about them, the pattern was really simple and the colour IMHO is gorgeous. I then picked up a new start, my Nutkins which I also like a lot.
Week four was the beginning of the injury/bug/'I feel ill' week. It also saw me start a new cross stich piece, namely Mirabilia's Summer Maiden.
I am stitching this on Sugar Maple's Malory on 32ct lugana. As with Winter and Spring, I am leaving off the borders so it fits on a 13" x 18". I think the colours of the threads go really well with the fabric colour. Well, can I tell you, this baby stitches up fast. The pic to the right shows you a week's progress, bearing in mind the first day was stitched whilst my hand was in a sling (nothing keeps a crafter from her crafts!!) and the rest of the week, I have done no more than 3 hours a day, and they havn't been continuous. Seeing as this lady wants to be stitched quickly, I don't think she will take me long. I've bought some invisble thread today to use for the beads. I've not used it before so we will see how I like it.
So, I am now back to week one and have picked up my nutkins, but I have also added a new goal and that is to stitch 10 rows a day on another WIP regardless of what week it is. This adds approx 1" to the project which I need greatly!!
Oh...what is this project? Well it's a scarf I started after I bought the yarn back in Nov 2005 at the Harrogate Knitting Show. I fell in love instantly! The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill's Merino Lace in Peacock and the pattern is called Cloud by Sue Morgan. I have a long way to go as I am making a wrap which 1s 65cm x 176cm. Since the pic I have added 3".

Now,I have also acquired some new stuff, as well as the previously mentioned Debbie Bliss Stella, which arrived on Tuesday. Today saw the delivery of January's Ltd Edition CTH sock club installment. It is a Supersock Solid in a colour called Cornflower and it's very purty! You can see it here. I also bought a new book, namely Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitter's Guide. First impressions are that I will enjoy using it more as a book than as a knitting book if you catch my drift, although some of the patterns are growing on me...
I also ordered some Noro Silk Garden and will update with picks as and when it arrives and will be looking at some Rowan Tapestry once I've finished here. I am really pleased that I am enjoying both knitting and stitching as much as each other, despite the trapped nerve in my shoulder!
Ok...again I have Rabbitted on for ages...something I seem to be doing a lot lately. As always...til next time...