Friday, March 06, 2009

Rotation Round Up 2...
It's working out well so far, in between buying lots of yarn!
Week One saw me finish my Nutkin socks. They didn't come out quite how I wanted them to, as I thought it was a varigated yarn and it was a self striping one! However, I really like them and they are the best fit so far. The pattern used a short row heel and toe which I really enjoyed knitting. I do think that I will knit some more of these in the future.
I then started some other socks in some yarn from the Knitting Goddess. They were for a Feb KAL on a Ravelry group which has a green theme.

Week two...saw me stitch a little more of my Rabbit Sampler. I have added some carrots and started a row of cabbages which I will hopefully complete this week as I am onto my third week two.

Week three...saw me make great progress on my Flutterby socks. I really enjoyed knitting these and love the yarn. It is Meadow by the Knitting Goddess and it is very soft. I was also making great progress on my cloud wrap and am now about 75% complete.
I also started and finished a beanie hat for DH but as yet I have not taken a photo of it. I'll do a separate post for this sometime this week (if I remember!)

Week four...sort of merged into Week one of the third round of the rotation as I went on holiday and wanted to finish my Flutterby socks. You can see them -> I did make quite a few mistakes on these, mainly when knitting the wrapped stitches that form the butterflies, but I fixed them afterwards. They are a little room and if I were to do them again I'd use a smaller needles size.
DH calls them my Spider Socks as he thinks they look more like spiders than butterflies! I learnt the Eye of Partridge method for the heel flap which I really like.

Eventually I turned Week one of the third rotation into Week four of the second (still with me?) I didn't do much stitching due to other committments. However, I did make some progress on my Summer Maiden.

So that is where I am at with stuff. I keep on buying yarn...I'm a bit addicted and if you are on Ravelry, you'll see the stash mounting, but do you know what? I really don't care...I am a good kind person so why the heck shouldn't I be able to roll around in sock yarn if I want to? Lol Best leave it there....