Thursday, March 26, 2009

Round Up Three...
I can't quite believe that I have completed three rounds of my rotation already. I also think it's the longest I've stuck to a rotation! As mentioned in a previous post, Week One saw the completion of my Flutter-by socks.
Week Two saw me finish the row of cabbages on my Rabbit Run Sampler. As you can see from the pic, I have only got one motif to go, a little bunny washing it's face! I should get that done next time around (which is only a week away now). That would be a nice HD as it has been a WIP for quite a while.

Week Three saw me start some socks in a lovely yarn called Silver Moon Fairy. It is by Carrie at Gothic Yarns and it is really lovely. I havn't linked to her site as she is just updating it at the mo, so hasn't any yarn for sale as yet. Once she is back up and running I'll post a link so you can share the joy that is her yarn! I should finish the socks this week and will post a pic at a later date.
Week Four saw me back with Summer Maiden. She is quite bead-tastic around her hair. I think I will probably have this done over the next two/three rotations.

As per the last post, I finished my wrap and a hat. I now need to start a new daily project. I think I will knit a scarf to go with the hat. I have a lovely entrlac pattern that I think will knit up quite fast in the Noro, esp if I am working on it everyday.
I am really happy with my crafty hobbies at the moment, and have just bought two great sock books...Favorite Socks and Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn. They are both great, but I really love the latter. It has a great section on the types of yarns that are suited for particular types of pattern. This is very informative.
On that note..I shall go off to lick them....I mean read them...