Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What do you mean 'it's June?'....
It is a while since I last updated yet it feels like only last week!
I have finished quite a few things since my last update and have bought a lot more sock yarn!
Rather than do a weekly round up for the last couple of months, I'll just post the stuff I've finished! The first picture is a pair of socks called Blackrose. They were in the Winter 08 issue of Knitty. I used a lovely yarn in a Morello colourway from Violet Green Yarns. In fact, they are so nice I just blumming ordered five skeins when I went to link the site to this post!

This was made with some Raspberry Same Difference yarn from the Knitting Goddess Joy asked some knitters off her group on Ravelry if they would like to knit some samples of her yarn in order that she can take them to shows. I decided on the hat and she sent me the SD yarn. It is a lovely yarn and the pattern was very easy and will definately be knit again, once for a hat for me and another for DBro.

I then finished a pair of Monekeys by Cookie A. I had knit one sock a while ago and DH bugged me until I knit the other! The pic is taken on Hallin Fell, Howton, Cumbria on our Anniversary. I really like the contrast between the rock and the sock. It's on a monument on the summit but we don't know what the roses were for.

I referred to these in my last post. They are knit using a yarn from Gothic Yarns They are a very sweet pattern and I really enjoyed using this yarn. I have three more colours in my stash. They are one of my favourite pairs.

I love these socks! They are knit in another Violet Green yarn, this time Harlequin Socrates. The pattern is fantastic and I think it goes marvellously with the yarn. They are a really sturdy sock, a pair I will wear frequently!

And finally...but not lastly as I already have new socks on the latest finish is these Pink Ribbon Socks by Lisa Lloyd I used another Knitting Goddess yarn, this time a Semi-Solid in cerise. I used a twisted stocking stitch for the sock rather than either of the two stitches on the pattern as I wanted something plainish to show off the ribbons. I am really pleased with the result.

As you can see, I have been busy lol! I have also completed a couple of cross stitch projects, my Rabbit Run Sampler and my Summer Maiden. They are both in at the framers so will post pics when I get them back.
I have now started a new project, Twilight's Child by Anchor which is an owl. My mum loves owls and I hope to get it done for her 60th birthday in August.
Apart from that, I am still waiting for my tonsuls out and I am still bunnyless, but they are both WIPs...