Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Finally another finish....
Again folks it has been a while since I posted to my blog. I have been taken up with the knitting side of things and as I post to Ravelry all the time about my knitting WIPs and Happy Dances, I tend to forget to post them over here too.

Well, yesterday, my stitching mojo made a brief appearance and I picked up a Shepherd's Bush Needleroll that I had started sometime last year. It's the first time that I have made anything like this....I've just oohed and ahhed at other's people's prowess in this area of Stitcingdom. I am rather pleased with the finished result.

I have another kit in my stash, the Birdhouse Needleroll complete with Birdhouse charm! The Beehive one will live in our conservatory in a wicker basket and will be rather lonesome until I finish the other one!
I do have plans to make a few small items like these, biscornu, small pillows ect and will display them all in our conservatory.
Thanks for reading folks....feel free to Rabbit on....