Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out with the old.....
...and in with the new.....
Well hasn't it been a long time since I posted on here? 2010 kidnapped me and took me away from be fair it was mainly Ravelry that took me away!
One other major thing that got in the way in 2010 seriously sucked me in on a number of occasions, spun me around and knocked me for six, but...I guess there is too much Doom and Gloom in this world already, so I will leave those episodes in the vault and concentrate on 2011.
I know that some of these things will follow me into 2011 with some gusto, but instead of allowing them to dictate what is going to happen this year, instead I'm just going to front them up and say 'Bring It On!'

So, as I said....Ravelry stole me away from Bloggerland and the whole world of Knitting and all things Yarny, seduced me even more than the year before and thus I didn't do a lot of stitching. Because of this, I forgot to update my blog with the things I had finished as without even using one single brain cell....I automatically uploaded them to Ravelry instead.

For those of you who are on this incredible site, you can see all my finishes here if you haven't already got me as a friend.

For those of you that are not on there, please find below a little collage of various finishes.

They include a lot of shawls as I took on the challenge of knitting 10 in 2010. The bottom 4 pictures are of the item I was most pleased with, a rather charming little jumper from the wonderful Stitch in Time Book
For once I think I found an item of clothing that suited me and it goes with various pieces from my wardrobe and will get a lot of use.

If anyone would like any info on the shawl patterns then please leave a comment and I will endeavour to give you the info you need.

Enough about first finish of this year sees me going back to cross stitching. It's a little piece that I've had started for years and for some stupid reason didn't finish. It's a chart from a freebie that I can't even remember where I found it. The picture isn't fab as it's in the downstairs loo and there is no natural light in there.

It's stitched on a little hand towel that has a piece of aida type fabric across the width. Of course it features bunnies....what else I hear you cry, and no I have not yet knitted a jumper with bunnies on but I guess there's time yet!
It was really nice to get back into a bit of stitching and there will be more on the horizon. I want to finally finish the Mirabilia Autumn Maiden of the Season that I have had on the go since 2009.
I would also like to get Mirabilia's Royal Holiday finished for Christmas 2011 as again, I have had this on the go for a while.
It might also be a good idea to finish the Teresa Wentzler Millennium design that is virtually done. Only a comet and part of an angel left.

So...that's a rather short(ish) update on me. I am sat in my lovely conservatory complete with underfloor heating, knitting on yet another shawl, whilst wearing a home made knitted tank top and knitted socks, catching up with the Electric Sheep podcast, wondering whether or not I will get any readers to this post or whether indeed I have just dropped of the Bloggerland radar due to being AWOL!

So, if you are out there and are reading, then I thank you for not forgetting me, and as usual wish you well and ask you to feel free to rabbit on....