Wednesday, February 02, 2011

B is for Bacchus...
I have finished my socks for the letter B in the Alphabet-a-long. They are a pattern called Bacchus by Alice Bell and were published in the Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Knits
They are the main reason that I bought that issue. They should have bobbles all down the foot but as I don't wear open shoes a lot, I couldn't see the point in knitting bobbles only to cover them up and squash them.
The yarn is blue faced leicester from The Knitting Goddess in the colour plum. I knew when I bought this yarn that it was meant for a pair of Bacchus socks!

I love the ribbing on these socks...they make for a nice, snug fit on the foot.
I can now set about winding my yarn for my 'C' socks which will be a very bright contrast to the ones above!.
I am also going to wind of the yarn for my next shawl It is called Katika  (Ravelry link I'm afraid as the designer does not have a website) and the yarn I am going to use is a silk/merino blend called Log Fire and was my November 2010 sock club yarn from the Knitting Goddess. It is blues, green and yellows like the colours in the tip of a flame on a fire. 
So...I am off a-winding....feel free to Rabbit On...